The conversion will create a multi-purpose link...that will be suitable for walking, jogging or cycling, and is accessible to all.
The Vision
The Kanawha Trestle Trail is being developed as a multi–use non-motorized trail system to connect the Mound in South Charleston to the State Capitol. Future plans will connect the Elk River Valley via Coonskin Park and Kanawha City via the 35th Street Bridge. Our group sees this as a 10 to 15 year plan to safely connect the many public, historic, cultural, educational and recreational properties in our community.

This trail system will preserve and restore two historic and unique rail structures. One is the CSX Trestle over the Kanawha River built in 1907 that is over 4200 feet long. The other is the Whipple Bridge over the Elk River built in 1884 and is an early example of iron construction with impressive cut stone river piers.

This trail project will enhance the livability and attractiveness of Charleston, South Charleston and the surrounding area as well as create a greater sense of community and increased civic pride. Last but not least creating a more walkable community will increase the level of physical activity among residents, which promotes a healthier life-style.

Please contact us at [email protected] to find out more about how you can help us bring the trail to life.

To download a copy of the trail map in PDF format click here